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Suitable for lawns of up to 0.5 acre

Cutting Width: 8.2 inches
Mowing Time: 100-120 minutes
Power Consumption: 7.4 kWh/month

Includes GSM Module 

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Unique Features

With effortless programming of up to four secondary zones/starting points and two separate zones via app, or the convenience of the touch display and adjustable cutting height, the RK1000 offers maximum flexibility. The brushless DC motor, the pendulum-suspended mower deck and the staggered blades result in an evenly trimmed lawn even on uneven terrain. Slopes of up to 45 percent are no problem for this robotic lawnmower. Best of all, thanks to the low noise level, you will hardly notice when the robot is in use.

Key Feature: Spiked Wheels Allow All-Terrain Handling

Handles Uneven Terrain
No more rescuing your stuck mower

Robomow Display Screen Example

Simple to Use
Easy to set up, maintain and clean

Key Feature: Precise Edging

Precise Edging
Trims edges around your garden with great precision

Feature: strong cutting system

A noticeably stronger cutting system compared with competing robotic mowers

Feature: Robomow mows based on yard zones

Multiple Zones
Drives to different zones in your yard and returns after completing each zone

Safety Feature: blade stops when it is picked up

Safety Features
Blade stops rotating immediately if it is lifted from the ground or tilted to a vertical position

Safety Feature: Child Lock

Child Lock
Equipped with safety feature to help protect children or others not familiar with Robomow

Feature: Floating deck ensures an even cut

Floating Deck
Allows for flawless coverage of any terrain, guaranteeing an excellent cut on any landscape

Feature: Lift Sensor stops the blade

Lift Sensor
Lift sensor on carrying handle for extra safety! Stops the blade once lifting the mower

Feature: Adjustable Height

Height Adjustment
Robomow’s cutting height can be adjusted to your lawn’s needs anytime

A man naps in a hammock due to the quiet Robomow motor

Low Noise
Powerful yet very quiet, so you can enjoy your lawn even while Robomow is in use

Feature: Escapes obstacles such as children's slides

Escape Mode
Effortlessly leaps through narrow areas and passages. Saves time and energy

Robomow App Icon

Connect With Your Mower

Operate, communicate with, and control your mower via smartphone! Advanced Bluetooth solutions keep you fully connected with Robomow.

The Robomow app is available on your mobile device

The All New GSM Module

The GSM Module allows remote access directly from your Robomow to your mobile device or our customer service team. What does it mean for you? A better user experience and increased satisfaction.

Receive operational and security alerts* directly from your Robomow to your mobile device, anywhere in the world.

Benefit from Superior Customer Service and fast repair thanks to a constant upload of technical data** from your Robomow.

(*) Alerts will be sent as push-notifications. You will need to allow push-notifications on your mobile device in order to be able to receive the alerts.
(**) Subject to your approval

Compare Our Models

Model Number22AKFAFA73722AKHAFA73722AKLAFA737
Recommended Lawn SizeUp to 0.25 acreUp to 0.5 acreUp to 1 acre
Cutting Width8.2″8.2″16.5″
Cutting Height3/4″ to 4″3/4″ to 4″3/4″ to 4″
Sub-Zones / Starting Points444
Separated Zones111
Mowing MotorsDC BrushlessDC BrushlessDC Brushless
Drive MotorsDC BrushlessDC BrushlessDC Brushless
Maximum Incline Mowing Area45% (24°)45% (24°)45% (24°)
Maximum Incline Wire on Slope20% (11°)20% (11°)20% (11°)
Sound Pressure Level LPA dB(A) (K=3)505050
Measured Sound Power Level LWA, dB(A) 616161
Guaranteed Sound Power Level LWA, dB(A) 646464
Mowing Time (minutes)50-60100-120110-130
Charging Time (minutes)60-12060-12090-110
Battery Type 18,15V Li-Ion18,15V Li-Ion18,15V Li-Ion
Battery Capacity Spec (Ah)
Power Consumption (kWh/month)
Bluetooth (BLE)YesYesYes
GSM ModuleYesYesYes
Near Wire Following (MBLE/IR)YesYesYes
Max Altitude (feet)9,8429,8429,842
Warranty3 Years3 Years3 Years

Don’t worry. Be happy.

Register your RK now and secure a 3-year warranty.

3-Year Product Warranty Icon

Manufacturer’s warranty from MTD Products, limited to supplementary performance and according to the warranty conditions.