What to do when GSM or GPS stopped working?

Typically, you will identify if the GSM/GPS stopped working by going to “History” on your Mobile App or “MyRobomow” and noticing the history stopped days or weeks ago. You can also see it when visiting the “MyRobomow” webpage and “Find my Robomow” will not work.

  1. Confirm your robot is still in a location where cellular reception is available
  2. Take the robot out of the base station and perform a power cycle by turning off the robot then wait a few seconds and turn back on using the power button. Check “MyRobomow” webpage and see whether you can get a location from “Find my Robomow”. If successful, the GSM is now working correctly.
  3. In case this didn’t resolve the GSM issue – contact Customer Support or take the robot to a local Servicing Dealer