What is a Separate Zone and how to mow it?

A separate zone is an area the RK cannot reach by itself, due to walls, fences, level difference and conditions
where a narrow pass cannot be used. The user carries the robot to this area and manually send it to mow.
Once mowing time is complete (Or robot needs recharging), user to carry it back to the base station.

Typically, wire will lead from the main zone or subzone, to this secluded zone and then wire around it, so it has
a wire signal in order to mow. The wires leading to a separate zone are parallel and together – attached to the
ground with the same pegs. Once or twice a week, as needed, carry the fully charged RK to this zone, place it a
meter (3 feet) or so from the wire, send it to mow (select mow time based on size). Download the RK User Guide for more information.