The Robot found on the Base Station with Failure 67

Q1 – Does it happen when sending the robot manually to the Sub Zone?

If Yes – Check the installation was done properly according the manual.

If No – Proceed to Q2.

Q2 – What is the length of the Perimeter wire? Is it more than 1600ft/500m?

If Yes – Add the adaptor SPP6117A (from 1600ft/500m up to 2600ft/800m). This applies to 2014-2017 models only. If the problem still 
exists, proceed to Q3.

If No – Proceed to Q3.

Q3 – Change the Wire Gain settings from 75 to 80 by going to the Service (Requires receiving a temporary code from Hotline agent) ⇢ Operation ⇢ Wire Gain Switch. Does it solve the problem?

If Yes – Everything is ok, continue to work with Robomow.

If No – The robot needs to be taken for repair to an Authorized Service Station.