The RK wheels leaving marks damaging the lawn

Typically, this means the RK is dragging on the grass with heavy friction rather than rolling on it smoothly. To
begin with, check if front wheel is clogged and stuck.

  1. Make sure Near wire follow is turned on
  2. Turn mower off and remove its disabling device. Put on heavy gloves. Inspect all wheels for stuck or accumulated mulch, vines, rope, toys etc., anything that can clog the wheels. Rotate each drive wheel as well as the front wheel (Drive wheels have a certain resistance due their gear and front wheel should rotate freely). Clear any blockage and make sure wheels now rotate freely and let the mower mow for a week. In wheels still do not rotate smoothly Contact customer support.
  3. Drive wheels could be full of mud and make tracking worst and in general wet conditions will increase this situation – clean wheels if clogged with mud. Find out where mud is getting on the wheels and change installation to avoid this area.