The RK is too noisy

A noisy mower is typically because its clogged with debris, accumulated mulched grass, vines, ropes, toys and
whatever can get stuck at the wheels area and mowing deck.

  1. Turn off the RK, remove its disabling device and put on heavy gloves before you raise the mower to inspect its mowing deck and blades. If clear, rotate the blades disc to see if it is wobbly/uncentered or damaged. Replace blades if needed.
  2. If blades look good, the mowing motor might be causing the noise: Bring the mower to a servicing dealer.
  3. If mowing motor is good, rotate each drive wheel then the front wheel to see whether any of them is
    squeaky or noisy. If one of the wheels is generating the noise when rotated, clean anything wrapped
    around wheel or axle (dirt, debris, vines, ropes or toys).
  4. Check and make sure mower’s cover is set well on all four joysticks. If the cover popped out of one or more joystick the friction between the cover and joystick may be noisy as well.
  5. If wheels are clean but one of them is making a noise when manually rotated: Contact customer support.