The RK cannot dock correctly at the base station

There could be a few scenarios here.

  1. An obstacle blocking the path for the mower to follow the wire and dock properly. It could also be a raised peg/stake securing the base station which got loose and blocks a drive wheel. Make sure the base station is leveled and flushed with the grass surface. Send the mower HOME a few feet behind the base station. Walk behind and see if anything blocks its way, wheels digging in etc. Fix any issue you find.
  2. The mower attempts to dock but isn’t recognized by the base. When the mower docks, the base station LED should change from blinking green to steady green. If it doesn’t, it means the base station doesn’t recognize the mower. Contact customer support.
  3. There might be problem with Robots BLE component
  4. Makes sure there is no dirt or corrosion on the charging plates on both mower and base side. Clean both charging plates on base and mower side if needed.