“Stuck in Place” Message (RS Models)

Step 1 – Are there wheels excavation/digging-in signs on the lawn?

If Yes – Proceed to Step 2.

If No – Proceed to Step 3.

Step 2 – Does the mower path, everywhere on the lawn, allow for smooth maneuverability? Check for holes in the lawn, up/down hill, mud, high grass, raised or exposed tree roots.

If Yes – Proceed to Step 3.

If No – Fix or clear the path and check if it resolved the issue. If the error happens again right after the mower slips a bit (due to mud), increase the Slippage Sensitivity by 1 segment (Service ⇢ Settings ⇢ Slippage ⇢ Sensitivity).

Step 3 – Does the front wheel rotate freely on its axle (drive wise) and against mower’s chassis (turning wise) as illustrated by Green arrow and Red circle below?

If Yes – Proceed to Step 4.

If No – Try to free the wheel’s movement. There may be debris or built up mulched grass or mud that stop the wheel free movement. If this cannot be released, Replace the Front Wheel.

Step 4 – Send the mower to work inside the lawn, where it has at least 16 feet (5m) to drive forward without hitting an obstacle or reaching a perimeter wire.

Does the mower drive straight more than 6 feet (2 meters) without changing direction?

If Yes – Proceed to Step 5.

If No – Open Service menu (Service ⇢ Information ⇢ Special Display ⇢ Behavior screen) and observe value #2 “Last Termination Event” – Last Stop Cause. Once you have the last stop cause, view the list of Last Stop Cause Error Codes article.

Step 5 – Run the mower and watch it for about 30 minutes. Can you observe any odd behavior while it is working? (Changing direction in the middle of the lawn for no apparent reason, ceasing to drive forward with no visible reason, etc.)

If Yes – Check bumper and calibrate it as well. Check and test drive motors. Test through mower service menu.

If No – Let the mower continue to work, and if this error happens again, contact customer support for further analysis.

Step 6 – Go to mower’s service menu and observe all mower parameters. Especially observe the below parameters:

  • Wire sensors inside and outside of lawn. Inside the lawn the values should be 400 and outside should be 200.
  • Bumper readings in press and in idle modes. Front Bumper press should reflect as Front state. Idle mode should show Idle state.
  • Calibrate bumper. If doesn’t resolve, replace in this order: Front Board, Main Board, Wire Harness between them.