Slippage Message

Issue: The mower has odometer (magnet and sensor) in the front wheel and odometers in the drive motors, and both odometers are compared to one another constantly. A simple case of mower getting stuck physically in the yard with its drive wheels digging in/freely spinning, will stop and show this slippage message since odometer at drive wheels says mower is driving but odometer at front wheel says mower isn’t driving when the mower is actually not moving.

Step 1 – Was the mower found stuck mid-yard with signs indicating the rear drive wheels dug in for a time?

If Yes – This is an installation issue. Find what physically stops the mower from driving on and resolve it. You may need to add RoboGrips. Problem solved.

If No – Perform a drive test via mower service menu – Service ⇢ 897 ⇢ Tests ⇢ Drive Motors. Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 – Do the drive motors pass the test?

If Yes – Continue using the mower and observe if the problem happens again, and where.

If No – Replace parts in this order: Front Board, Main Board, Wire Harness between them.

Did this resolve the issue?

If Yes – Problem solved.

If No – Contact customer support.