Power Box is beeping 3 times with 1 second of silence – Wire is too long / bad connection indication 

This failure relates to a poor wire connection, which may cause oxidation and high resistance. A poor connection is caused by not using a waterproof connector to splice the wire, or by using the right connector but the insulation removed is too long and thus the part left outside the connector is exposed to water and caused it to damage quickly.

Q1 – Is it a new installation or have changes been made in the lawn/installation cable lately?

If Yes – Make sure the installation was done according to the written instructions in the Operating and Safety Manual. Check specifically that the installation cable is no longer than 2,000ft (600m). If the cable is longer than 2,000ft/600m (but up to 2,600ft/800m long), use the “Adaptor for large perimeter S” – Part Number SPP6117, which can be ordered by special request.

If No – Proceed to Q2.

Q2 – Make a small lawn loop using the second green plot connector that was supplied with the robot, such as with the image below (according to your product family). Does the warning still persist?

Green Plot Connector - RS Models
Green Plot Connector - RC Models

If Yes – Replace Power Box and Base Station Head/Board.

If No – Proceed to Q3.

Q3 – Is the wire used for the installation the official wire supplied with the robot?

If Yes – Proceed to Q4.

If No – Use only the official wire packages for the installation.

Q4 – Disconnect the plot connector from the Base Station and check with a Resistance meter (DVM) the resistance of the entire loop. The factor is about 1 W per 40 meters of wire. Is the resistance higher than 40 W?

If Yes – Proceed to Q5.

If No – Replace Power Box and Base Station.

Q5 – Check for disconnections in the wire installation loop buried in the lawn. See the article How can I find disconnections in the wire installation loop?