Pause Automatic Mowing from the Mower Menus

To pause automatic mowing from the mower’s menus, follow one of the procedures below:

  1. Shortcut on the mower: Mower must be in the base station. Press the red stop bar for 5 seconds or until the display resets. You will see a “Wait…” message and then the display will change to showing the mower with a diagonal line on it, meaning it will not go out to mow until you change this setting. See pictures below for how this will appear.
    1. Press for 5 seconds on the red stop bar
      Man pressing stop button on mower
    2. Then the display will change to the following: “Wait…” which is when you can release the red stop bar
      Man pressing stop button on mower while display says to wait
    3. The display will reset and change to the display indicating auto mowing is Off – a diagonal line across the mower
      Display showing ready
  2. A second method of pausing automatic mowing is on the mower menu. See how it appears on the following pictures:
    • Press GO and scroll up to Lawn Options
      Lawn Options
    • Press GO to get into Lawn Options menu and scroll down to Program On/Off
      Program Menu
    • Press Go to change
      Zone Select Menu
    • It will let you select whether you want to pause all zones or by individual zone. Press GO if you want it to pause on all zones.
      Turn Program On
    • The auto mowing/Program is On. Scroll down or up to change it to Off and press GO
      Turn Program Off
    • If you now press escape a few times the display will change to “Wait…”
      Mower displaying wait
    • Then the display will show the symbol indicating auto mowing is paused
      Mower displaying ready