No Wire Signal Message

Step 1 – Is there any light on the base Station Head?

If Yes – Proceed to Step 2

If No – See the article Base Station Head Does Not Operate.

Step 2 – Take the mower out of the base station. Is the light on the base Station Head
now blinking green?

If Yes – Proceed to Step 3.

If No – See the following articles for additional troubleshooting:

Step 3 – Dock the mower manually. Go to wire type through: Mower Options-Wire Type
and make sure the wire type is the one you set or want for this yard. In any way, synchronize between the base station head used and the mower by changing the wire type, typically type A if it is a mower without neighboring mowers.

Step 3 – After changing or resetting the wire type, send the mower to work. Does it function correctly now?

If Yes – Run the mower and make sure it mows correctly.

If No – Proceed to Step 4.

Step 4 – Perform wire sensors test and calibration through mower service menu. Did the mower pass the calibration and then the wires sensors test?

If Yes – Run the mower and make sure all is working well.

If No – Replace parts in this order: Front Board, Main Board, Wire Harness between them. Proceed to Step 5.

Step 5 – Test the mower operation. Is it operating as it should?

If Yes – Problem solved.

If No – Contact customer support.