My lawn has additional zones. How will Robomow treat them?

The largest part of your lawn, where the base station is installed, will become your Main Zone. The other parts of your lawn will become Sub-Zones, provided they are connected with the Main Zone by a Narrow Passage and Robomow is able to drive between them. Once you or a professional installer set up your zones, Robomow will know how to get to each Sub-Zone from the Main Zone and will mow one zone after another.

In other cases, parts of your lawn may be totally separated from the rest of the lawn. The perimeter wire can be set up in such a way that allows Robomow to handle totally separated areas of your lawn. All you have to do is to bring or drive Robomow (using the Remote-Control Accessory or the app) to this separated zone every time it needs mowing.

The entire Mowing Cycle is completed only when the Main Zone and all additional defined zones are mowed.