Mowing time is very short (Short Run Time). What should I do? (RC Models)

Q1 – Did you observe this error more than once lately?

If Yes – Proceed to Q2.

If No – Press the ‘OK’ button for 3 seconds and set the time and date. Put the robot at the Base Station. The robot will now be charged a long charging session up to 16 hours.

Q2 – Check the mowing duration by pressing the settings button for 3 seconds, enter P106. The first number to the left shows the number of the operation in the list, and the rest of the numbers is a counter of that operation in minutes. Review of the operations list can be done via the Left and Right keys.

P106 Battery Run Time / Capacity0 068
1 075
2 063
3 084
8 102
9 096
The last 10 battery run times are given in minutes. Pressing the Settings button at a specific operation will show the Battery Capacity of that operation in mA. (E.g. 5700 = 5.7 Ampere)

Normal mowing duration (in a single operation seen in the table below):

Average Mowing Time35-45 min50-60 min50-60 min

Is the mowing duration, indeed, shorter than expected?

If Yes – Proceed to Q3.

If No – Everything seems to be OK.  Call the Robomow Hotline for further analysis.

Q3 – Is the mowing height set too low, and is the grass height high?

If Yes – Increase the mow height and let the robot complete full mowing cycles (2-3 days) to understand if the problem is resolved or still exists.

If No – Proceed to Q4.

Q4 – Turn the System Switch to off, lift the robot from its front area and check the following:

  • Debris is not stuck in the mowing deck.
  • Blades are not bent.
  • Too many mulches are built up between the mowing deck and blades.
  • Rotate blades (using a long stick or gloves).

Mowing Deck - RC Model

Was any of the above observed on the mowing deck?

If Yes – Make sure the mowing deck is clean and the blades are in good condition.

If No – Proceed to Q5.

Q5 – Turn the System Switch to ON, Enter Power Box to Pause mode (by pressing the On/Off button on the Power Box for 3 seconds), place the robot on the Base Station, and let it charge 12-16 hours. Does the full battery icon turn constant green?

If Yes – The robot needed a long charging session, which happens once in a while. Let the robot continue working and contact the Robomow Hotline if the problem persists.

If No – Battery Pack should be replaced.