Mower Does Not Start Automatic Mowing

Step 1 – Press the up-arrow button (3 seconds) on the mower while it is in the base station to receive a code which is the reason the mower didn’t go out to automatic operation.

CodeAutomatic Departure Disabled Reason
0None – departure is not disabled
1Battery is not in the required state
2Mower is at inactive time period
3Required mow time is completed
4Humidity/rain is detected
5System safety/Main switch is off
6Demo mode is enabled
7Departure is disabled (Can be due to miscellaneous reasons) until user interaction is detected
8Multiple consecutive short operation times are detected
9Program (Automatic mowing) is disabled since one-time setup is active
10Program (Automatic mowing) is disabled
11Program (Automatic mowing) on/off flag in the memory chip is disabled – Make sure the mower is not in a Pause mode, check it also on the mobile device app
12Power Supply Box is in pause mode (Up to 2017 models)
13All week days are set as inactive days
14Program (Automatic mowing) is disabled because charging source is not the base station – Older models using winter charging device
15Program (Automatic mowing) is disabled because we are during battery cells balancing stage – when it completed balancing will depart as usual. This is basically a delay
16Program (Automatic mowing) is disabled because we are not during charging system mode
17Program (Automatic mowing) is disabled because of low ambience temperature – Too cold outside
18Program (Automatic mowing) is disabled because of entry point problem – mower reached docking again after going out looking for the sub zone – check installation and make sure this is not a case of near Wire Follow set ON where there is a narrow area leading to this sub zone

Step 2 – According the number result you get on the mower screen, act to fix the issue or further investigate/diagnose.