Mow Overheat, Overcurrent or Disconnected Message

These messages can be displayed on the docking while warming up or during any operation, automatic or manual.

“Overheat Cooling” Message
If you see this message, this is a normal part of the operation due to the motor working under stress, such as thick or tall grass, and the motor simply needs to cool down. Allow motor to cool down for several minutes, upon which it will resume operation automatically.

“Mow Overheat” Message
This message indicates that too many Overheat Cooling events happened, so the mower will be found stopped with this message and if screen is blank, pressing the GO button to wake it up will prompt this message.

  1. Turn the mower safety switch off. Lift the mower front and make sure nothing is stuck in the blades, such as mulched grass build-up, mud etc.
  2. Make sure the mowing deck didn’t drop down by itself. If this is the case, see the article Mowing Deck Moves Down During Operation.
  3. Using heavy gloves, a stick, or a screwdriver, rotate both blades to make sure they rotate freely. Also make sure blades and mowing motor axles are not bent, as these will strain the mowing motor. Replace blades and mowing motors that are bent or rotating with difficulty.
  4. If it’s none of the above, perform Mowing Motor test. Service ⇢ 897 ⇢ Tests ⇢ Mowing Motors. Test will say “Passed” or “Failed.” See the article Check Mow Height/Mow Overheat” for additional information.
  5. Replace Mowing Motor or both as needed to fix the issue and pass the mowing motor test.

“Mowing Disconnected” Message
In this case the mower may be found in the yard. When the mower is woken up by pressing the GO button, this display will appear.

  1. Turn Safety/main switch Off, remove both mowing motors, unplug their wire connector, make sure all connector pins are functional, and reconnect.
  2. Remove the LCD Cover, unhook mowing motor connectors from main board. Make sure all connector pins are functional and reconnect.
  3. If the mower is still displaying this message:
    1. Use mower tests, found at Service ⇢ 897 ⇢ Tests ⇢ Mowing Motors, run a mowing motor test.
    2. If the test result is “Failed,” replace mowing motor to main board wire harness. In the event you don’t know which mowing motor it is, replace both harnesses.
    3. Perform a Mowing Motor Test through mower’s service menu. If “Passed,” problem solved. If “Failed,” Replace the Main Board.
    Above: Left and right mowing motors connector sockets on the Main Board