I have a Separated Zone (lawn area) from my main area. How can I install the Perimeter wire so Robomow will mow it?

If the Separated Zone is not connected to the Main Zone and Robomow cannot drive between these zones, then you have to define and install it as a Separated Zone. If the Separated Zone is small enough so Robomow can cover all the area in a single operation, then choose one of the following installations:

  1. If possible, the separated area may be connected to the main area’s Perimeter Wire.
    Separated Zone
  2. If that option is not possible, you can use a Perimeter Switch (available as an accessory for RS/RC models only). It may have to have its own separate Perimeter Wire.
    Separated Zone with Perimeter Switch
  3. If the Separated Zone cannot be mowed in single operation, an additional Base Station (optional accessory) should be installed in the separated area.
    Separated Zone Larger than 100 Meters