How to install the perimeter wire?

Watch the “RK Installation” first, read the “Getting Started Guide” and “User Manual” for information and

  • Starting from the base, use one or two pegs to secure the wire, then walk around the lawn counterclockwise laying the wire loosely (include perimeter islands where needed).
  • Once you get back to the base station, leave the roll of wire behind the base.
  • Walk around the yard and peg the wire at places it changes direction or wire is raised, then walk around and peg the wire wherever it is loose or raised above the grass.
  • Thread the wire tight through the base station and out of it. Cut it leaving extra 30cm (1 foot), in order to connect both wire tabs to the base station head. The extra 30cm (1 foot) length of wire allows us to easily reach the tabs at the base station.