How should I properly install the Perimeter Wire (island) around an object?

The following steps will guide you through the proper installation of the Perimeter Wire around lawn objects:

  • Use the Perimeter Wire to demarcate areas inside the working area by creating islands around obstacles that cannot withstand a collision. For example, flower beds and fountains.
  • Continue uncoiling the wire, while moving from the edge towards the protected object.
  • Peg the Perimeter Wire around the protected object in a clockwise direction. This is important, because setting the Perimeter Wire counter-clockwise around the obstacle will cause the mower to drive into the island.
  • Complete bordering the island and return to the spot where you left the lawn’s edge.
  • The wires leading to the Island and from it should be parallel and touching. Therefore, you should peg both wires, to and from the island, together with the same pegs.
  • Robomow will not recognize these two wires. It will mow over them as if they do not exist.
  • Robomow will recognize the single blocking wire around the Perimeter Island and will not enter this area.
Perimeter Wire Island Installation

Objects such as flower beds, ponds, or small trees can be protected by creating Perimeter Islands, which are demarcated areas of the lawn where Robomow does not enter. In the areas where obstacles are grouped closely together, they should be demarcated by a single, continuous Perimeter Island.