How does Robomow work?

Robomow is a robotic lawnmower designed to mow and maintain your lawn on its own. Robomow requires a simple one-time installation of a base station and a perimeter wire, which will mark the lawn boundaries. The perimeter wire is flush at the ground level, and it will get covered by grass within a few weeks. Robomow recognizes the perimeter wire using special sensors and makes sure to always stay inside the designated area. Robomow will automatically mow the lawn, and continuously alternates between mowing and charging. It independently leaves the Base Station and cuts the lawn by moving around it in a random pattern, until the entire area is evenly cut.

The RX12u model requires a press on the GO button to leave the Base Station. Once this is done, it will cut the lawn and return automatically to the Base Station to recharge, just like all other Robomow models.