How does Robomow know when to mow?

RS/RC Models
Robomow RS/RC model’s mowing schedule is defined by three major parameters:

  • Lawn area
  • Inactive times
  • Mowing frequency (Mowing Interval)

The lawn area defines the required mowing time for your lawn – this is the duration of a single mowing cycle. The inactive times define the hours and days when Robomow should not be on the lawn. The mowing frequency (Interval) parameter defines how often a new mowing cycle should start (once a week, twice a week, etc.).

During active times, Robomow will continuously alternate between mowing and charging until it completes the entire mowing cycle. After a mowing cycle is completed, it will stay in the Base Station until the next Mowing Cycle should start, depending on the configured mowing frequency. By default, Robomow completes two Mowing Cycles per week in order to keep your lawn healthy and looking good. However, if your lawn requires more maintenance time, you can easily adjust the time Robomow runs in a single Mowing Cycle, by setting the “Mowing Hours %” (Intensity) parameter.

RX Models
Robomow RX20u/Pro models allow setting an automatic mowing schedule via the mobile app. The schedule is defined by the three following parameters in a very straightforward way:

  • “Active days” – the days in a week when you want your Robomow to operate
  • “When” – a preferred hour for starting a mowing operation on a particular day
  • “How long” – the duration of a particular scheduled mowing operation

The Robomow RX12u model cannot be run automatically according to a predefined mowing schedule. Instead, all you need to do is to simply press the GO button on its operating panel to start a two-hour mowing operation. If GO is pressed twice, the mowing operation will be limited to only one hour.

Once a mowing operation is completed, Robomow will automatically return to its base station for charging to be ready for the next operation.