How do I setup an external corner installation for my Robomow RX?

The external installation of the Base Station for RX models is done by moving the beginning of the wire up to 2 feet outside the lawn. This will define how far off the lawn the Base Station will be installed. The Base Station should be aligned with the lawn’s edge at its most outstanding position. The edge of the lawn should be relatively flat to allow smooth entrance to the base station.

The drawing below explains how to start laying the Perimeter Wire in case of an external corner installation:

Perimeter Wire Corner Installation

Once you’re done with the above topology, go and watch the video below in order to know how to continue and successfully complete the wire installation.

For your convenience, see the instructions below for a proper placement of the Base Station relative to the Perimeter Wire in the case of a corner installation (internal or external):

  • Place the Base Station in its planned location
  • Align it to the lawn’s edge
  • Use RoboRuler distance I to confirm that the center of the Base Station is properly shifted right relative to the wire, as shown in the picture