How do I change “Mower Options” settings in my mower via the Robomow App?

By pressing the “Menu” button on the home screen of the Robomow app, you will see the Settings menu as shown. (Figure 1)

Mobile App  Home Screen
Figure 1

Click “Lawn Mower & Options”. A new window will appear with all the options that can be set for your lawn as well as for your Robomow. (Figure 2)

In order to change mower settings (like Rain Sensor, child lock, etc.), choose the “Mower” tab.

Mobile App Mower Options Screen
Figure 2

Child Lock Settings (Parental Control)
The Child Lock feature locks mower’s buttons to prevent unintended operation, especially by children. If the Child Lock is set to ‘On’, to operate the mower it is required to first press one of the operating mode buttons and then to press the OK button to confirm.

Note: This feature only locks buttons on the mower itself. The operational buttons in the app are not locked with this feature.

This option relates to the sound signals of the mower. Some signals (like safety or antitheft signals cannot be switched off). To enable or disable this option, you will need to switch the controller to either “ON” or “OFF”.

Edge Mode
This option allows to skip edging operation when working in the automatic mode. (i.e. if this setting is set to off, Robomow won’t cut the edges of your lawn at the beginning of each mowing cycle.)

However, if the edging is started manually (by pressing Edge & Mow button on the mower or in the app), it will be done regardless of the setting of the Edge Mode parameter.

Rain Sensor
With this menu option, you can activate or deactivate the Robomow’s rain sensor. To enable or disable this option, you will need to switch the controller to either “ON” or “OFF”. (Figure 3)

Mobile App Rain Sensor Screen
Figure 3

In the “Current Reading” area, you can see the current measurement of the rain sensor. The Sensitivity control allows you to adjust how sensitive will Robomow be to rainy conditions.

Note: Rain/Humid conditions are detected when the “Current Reading” gets below the Sensitivity setting value. In this case the mower will halt operation and return to the base.