GSM Issues

Step 1 – If you suspect a GSM is not working, please take the steps as outlined below. Note: This procedure is not available for now due to the removal of App 1.0 but will resume on App 2.0 in the future.

  1. Using Robomow/Cub Cadet App 1.0, run the GSM Test. If test passed as shown above, all is functioning.
  2. If GSM test fails, check to see of GSM module is showing a blue light (either solid or blinking).
  3. Turn OFF mower and remove fuse, disconnect GSM battery backup, remove GSM module.
  4. Wait 2 minutes, then reconnect GSM module (do not connect GSM battery yet).
  5. Turn on the mower. Lights on GSM should show red/green then go blank. After a few minutes lights should come back blue/flashing blue – both are ok.
  6. If blue light is showing, run GSM Test again from App 1.0.
  7. If GSM Test passes, then reconnect Backup Battery.
  8. If GSM Test fails, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 – If GSM Test fails after completing Step 1, then replace GSM Module.

  1. Turn off the mower and remove fuse. Disconnect backup battery and replace faulty GSM module with a new one, leave battery backup disconnected. Insert fuse.
  2. Turn on mower: Lights on GSM should show red/green then go blank, and then come back blue/flashing blue (this might take 5-10 minutes as it needs to register new GSM with mower serial number in servers in the
  3. If lights come back blue, then run GSM Test from App 1.0.
  4. If lights do not come back blue, perform a Factory Software Reset (hold down STOP and Return button for 5 seconds (Then confirm blue light – steady or blinking is fine).
  5. Lights on GSM should show red/green then go blank, and then come back blue – steady or flashing.
  6. Once Blue light is showing, perform GSM Test from App 1 to confirm it is working, then reconnect backup battery.

Important Notes

  • If a Main Board is replaced, you should “Enable GSM” via mower’s service menu. Replacing main board turns GSM to Off Always. Run “GSM Test” from mobile App to confirm GSM is working
  • “GSM Test” should be run from a “Registered Account” NOT “Power User Account” when possible. Note: Power User cannot test Push Notifications and may fail test.
  • Mower should be OUT of base station to run “GSM Test.”