Common Menu Shortcuts

This is a list of shortcut buttons to a few common service menu screens:

FunctionButton CombinationHold Time
Factory Default:
STOPEscape ButtonMore than 4 Seconds
Factory Default:
Main Board
STOPMore than 4 seconds
Factory Default:
Out of the Box
STOPMore than 4 seconds
Service Menu:
Service Settings
Escape ButtonMore than 2 seconds
Soft ResetGOMore than 2 seconds
Language SelectionEscape ButtonMore than 3 seconds
Bluetooth Remote
Control Pairing
(Mower in Idle mode)
More than 2 seconds

In Docking: Red stop bar pressed for 5 seconds will pause or un-pause automatic mowing. Pressing red stop bar again for 5 seconds will un-pause automatic mowing.

NOTE: Shortcuts are not active when Anti-Theft is armed.