Can I remotely control my Robomow?

Yes! “Robomow App” – the Robomow mobile application – gives you full control of your mower from the convenience of your smartphone.

The Robomow App brings you a lawn mowing experience unlike any other. Wherever you are – on the sofa, in the garden, out and about… Interacting with your mower has never been faster, easier or more enjoyable.

The Robomow App allows you to control your mower from the convenience of your smartphone. Mow those small patches located away from your main lawn and navigate from one garden to the other – effortlessly. All your settings are on one convenient screen: you can adjust your lawn size settings, set your mower’s weekly schedule, and define your mowing zones… all from your mobile device. Check out compatibility.

In addition, the GSM Module, which is available as an accessory, allows you to receive operational and security alerts directly from your Robomow to your mobile device, anywhere in the world. In addition, subject to your approval, the GSM Module is capable of collecting technical data about your Robomow and sending it to a centralized Support Center in order to constantly improve its performance.