Bumper Pressed Message

Issue: Mower stopped or found stopped with this message on display.

Step 1 – Check whether bumper is mounted and locked well on its four joysticks on the frame.

If Yes – Proceed to Step 2.

If No – Remove bumper and remount it well on all four joysticks. Test the bumper through the service menu. If passed, simply run the mower and make sure it’s functioning properly .

Step 1 – Perform a Bumper calibration through Service ⇢ 897 ⇢ Calibrations ⇢ Bumper. Make sure mower “Passed” at the calibration end.

  1. Make sure mower “Passed” at the calibration end
  2. If it failed and said “Failure XXX” – XXX being a failure code
    1. Make sure bumper is mounted correctly on all four joysticks
    2. Perform the calibration again
    3. If it fails again, Replace the Front Board