Base Station Head light does not operate or is dead / No light at all

Base Station Head - RS Models

Step 1 – Make sure the Power Supply is connected well and that there is power in the wall outlet.

If Yes – Proceed to Step 2.

If No – It seems there is no power in the socket.

Step 2 – Connect the Power Supply directly to the Base Station Head. This will bypass the 65ft (20m) extension cord in order to find out if the extension cord is the cause. Is the Base Station Head still dead – no light?

If YesReplace Base Station Head corresponding to your mower’s model year.

If No – Replace the 65ft (20m) extension cord.

If this did not fix the issue, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 – Replace the Power Supply. This should fix the problem. Did it fix it?

If Yes – Problem solved.

If No – Make sure the wall outlet is live and that all the parts you replaced above are good, as one of them is likely faulty. Remove them all and then replace them again in the same order until all are working correctly.