Base Problem Message

This message will display after the mower had attempted docking a few times unsuccessfully.

Step 1 – Experience shows this could be a case where bumper calibration is needed.

  1. Look for physical obstacle blocking the mower’s way back to the base station.
    1. Remove it.
    2. Send the mower to GO Home and make sure it docks properly. Problem Solved.
  2. If there is no obstacle on its way back to Base Station, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 – A typical reason the mower will not dock successfully is in case Near Wire Follow is turned On, and IR reception on the mower or broadcasting IR on the base station isn’t working. The way it works is simple: Mower goes back to dock in a Near Wire Follow mode On, a few inches to a few feet from the wire. The base station head is transmitting IR waves constantly. Some 10 feet from the docking, the mower front IR receptor, locates on the front board, recognizes this IR broadcasting, knows base station is near, turns right towards the wire, intercepts it and follows it along middle of the mower on the wire to the base station and docks.

Is Near Wire Follow turned On for Main zone? Turn NWF on main zone to Off and send the mower to dock from some 20 feet from the base station. Did it dock properly?

If Yes – Proceed to Step 3.

If No – See the article Not Docking Correctly/Found Stopped on the Perimeter Wire.

Step 3 – Turn Near Wire Follow On again and send the mower to dock again, in a way that will make it follow near the wire for at least 20 feet. When it gets near the base station, some 10 feet from it, it should turn right to the wire and go on the wire until properly docked. If this doesn’t happen, the mower doesn’t recognize the base station through the IR broadcasting. Clean mower front IR window and try again. Not working? Replace in this order:

  1. Replace Base Station Head corresponding to your mower’s model year.
  2. Replace Front Board. (If Front Board is replaced, perform a Hardware Reset)