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About Us

A robotic mower trims a lush green lawn in autumn

Modernize the Mow

When we invented our first robot mower in 1995, it was our goal to introduce an entirely new mowing experience; one that was easier, friendlier, and less time-consuming than the traditional mow.

Since then, people have come to rely on their Robomow to simplify their modern lifestyle. Automatic mowers are designed to operate quietly and autonomously, freeing your time for the activities and people you care about most. That’s why we continue to strive for award-winning excellence—the kind our customers have come to expect from Robomow.

It’s about more than just an exceptional mower. It’s about restoring more of your most valuable resource: your time. All our mowers are backed by first-class service and decades of forward-thinking design and technology.

What is a friendly home?

Home is where we feel most comfortable. Home is where we are happiest. Home is where our team players reside. Welcome to an entirely new mowing experience. Robomow’s Friendly Home lawnmowers fit effortlessly into your lifestyle, making themselves instantly at home in your life, your garden and with your home team. Designed to provide the easiest, most convenient and least time-consuming mow ever, Robomow mowers are garden-friendly (Install them away from the lawn), user-friendly (communicate with them from your smartphone) and family-friendly (your lawn, your schedule)! At home and in the garden, Robomow is simply, your best team player.

What is a Robotic Mower?

It’s the modern day replacement for the more traditional mowers that require operators—and hours of time. Quiet and autonomous, auto mowers are designed to save you both time and money, leaving you free to enjoy other activities with family and friends. Today’s automatic lawn mowers are increasingly sophisticated. Self-docking and with their own working schedule, they require minimal human interaction and can even be programmed from the convenience of your smartphone!

A Robomow mower trims a family backyard


Heavy Push Mower


Two Men, One Vision

Founded by Mr. Udi Peless and Mr. Shai Abramson, legend has it that one hot summer’s day, Mr. Peless’s wife asked him to mow the lawn. While trying to avoid this impending chore, Udi fantasized about a robotic lawnmower. And so, Friendly Machines was born.

Friendly Clippings Blue Prototype


Much to Mulch About

A mulching mower employs high speed blades which retain the grass clippings inside the chamber until they are small enough to fall back onto the lawn and act as natural fertilizer. Therefore, the next generation of Friendly Machines prototypes were designed without the clippings bag, making them leaner, meaner, and so much greener than other mowers.

The Yellow Robomow Classic


The Robomow Classic

The Robomow Classic debuted in the GLEE exhibition in Birmingham, UK in 1997 and became the official first model and “father” of Friendly Robotics devices. The Classic model was launched for sale in 1998 and sold about 4000 units between 1998 and 2001.

The Green Robomow RL


The Evolution of Revolution

In 1999 Friendly Machines evolved into Friendly Robotics. The following year, with the release of Robomow RL, came the Base Station, which enabled users to create a periodic lawn mowing program, essentially letting them forget about lawn mowing altogether.

An Old Robomow Logo


A Household Name

In 2005 Friendly Robotics made the strategic decision to put its brand name “Robomow” at center stage. Although the company is still called Friendly Robotics, today the Robomow brand has its own platform and is widely recognized all over the world.

The Green Robomow RK Model


RK Launch

The RK, capable of creating a lawn to match any occasion. Its ability to cut right to the edge as well as a patented cutting system ensures the lawn will be the centre of attention. It’s easy-to-use functionality and reliable all-terrain handling give you a garden worth sharing, without the effort.

Robomow App Icon

Connect With Your Mower

Operate, communicate with, and control your mower via smartphone! Advanced remote solutions keep you fully connected with Robomow. Access your mower from anytime and anywhere.

The Robomow app is available on your mobile device

The All New GSM Module

The GSM Module allows remote access directly from your Robomow to your mobile device or our customer service team. What does it mean for you? A better user experience and increased satisfaction.

Receive operational and security alerts* directly from your Robomow to your mobile device, anywhere in the world.

Benefit from Superior Customer Service and fast repair thanks to a constant upload of technical data** from your Robomow.

(*) Alerts will be sent as push-notifications. You will need to allow push-notifications on your mobile device in order to be able to receive the alerts.
(**) Subject to your approval